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---> MARCH 22, 2018

Time for some catching up on Marshall!! Marshall appeared in the season finale of Chance on Hulu last fall (2017) and in NCIS on CBS this season in "High Tide" (Season 15, episode 11). He also was interviewed about his editing of Stanley Kubrick's movie "Eyes Wide Shut" in the article "Re-Imagining Kubrick with Eyes Wide Cut" by Josh Jackson in Paste Magazine recently. You can find the interview here: I pulled this quote of Marshall from the Paste Magazine article by Josh Jackson: "I’m finishing writing “A Tribulation,” part 2 of my film series Marriage (In Short) after our successful crowdfunding campaign, and should be shooting that this summer. I am also in post production on a documentary I directed with Foster The People. In pre-production on a feature about the UT Tower massacre in 1966. As an actor, I am in season 2 of Humans, the season finale of Chance on Hulu, NCIS earlier this month, and I recently made a fun cameo in the feature version of the “Thunder Road” short film by Jim Cummings."
Check out Marshall's version of "Eyes Wide Shut" at


---> FEBRUARY 12, 2017

Marshall has a recurring role in season 2 of Humans starting tomorrow, Monday, Feb. 13th, at 9 PM CST/10 PM EST on AMC!! Check out the trailer here:


---> NOVEMBER 14, 2016

Watch Marshall in Rosewood this Thursday, Nov. 17th, at 7 PM CST/8 PM EST on Fox!! Check out the preview here:'">


---> OCTOBER 26, 2016

Marshall has been writing and directing! See his award-winning short film at You can be a part of his series of short films on marriage by joining his kickstarter campaign! Check it out! Also, look for Marshall in an upcoming episode of Rosewood (Fox) and as a regular in the 2nd season of Humans (AMC).